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I have been working on a GARLIC BULB SIZING tool. I make them on a 3D printer. The tool will measure garlic bulbs 1-1/2 " to 2 -1/2 " it has 4 size different holes . It handy to put in your back pocket , hang for your neck, or hang on a nail so you don't loose it. ( LOL ) It can have your farm name and phone number on it if you want . It would be good advertising for your business . Email me if you are interested in your Business Garlic Sizing Tool. Ask about price.


How much garlic do I want to plant. What kind of garlic Hardneck or Softneck . Where do I buy garlic . How do I plant garlic as far as row width and clove distance. Do I mulch with straw in the winter. When do I plant .This is just a few questions you will have. There is a lot of info on the web so you can get some ideas of what to do,but there is different ways people go about it. So this is what I did. I bought 10 lbs. from a garlic farm that had grown garlic for years and in the same region. I will plant 3 rows 8" apart cloves 6 " apart 100 ft. rows in October. I mulch with straw before winter frost. After years of planting garlic I have added to the herd. I have FOR SALE GERMAN WHITE GA


I have been working on a hardneck garlic planter for 10 months I will be doing the first planting in October with the planter. I have redesigned many times as I go.... which have put me behind on my time line. It is for a 3 point hookup behind a tractor. Many of the parts were made on my 3D printer , it has three 18" wheels 8" apart for the rows. It has a timed hole making wheel in the front of planting wheels to make the holes that the clove will fall into. Going to have a drag behind the planter to cover up the clove. I will have more updates as I go boldly ahead. LOL


This is the first year for a cover crop so I choose Buckwheat , the reason was because the fast growing crop. The residue decomposes quickly when dug into your soil and adds needed organic matter.If you plant about 5 or 6 weeks before the first frost, you won’t have to turn it in. Buckwheat is frost sensitive and will be killed.To prevent reseeding buckwheat must be turned under or cut within 10 days of flowering to prevent reseeding. Buckwheat sets seed quickly. Unless you want to be pulling up volunteers (which are easy to pull up by the way) you want to turn under the buckwheat no more than 10 days after flowering. It sets seed very quickly and is doing so while those beautiful white flow


Started drawing up blueprints for 3 point hardneck planter 10 months ago .Things are getting close to try out the timing of the planter wheels. Will be more info in the next post. Garlic harvest was good but put me behind on planter. Hope everyone had a good harvest this year,we didn't have much rain in illinois. If any questions email me at garlicforsale@slonggarlic.com

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Hardneck Garlic planter making parts video