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Planting Garlic seed in the fall and harvest in July

Fall planting is different........ meaning that you are planting a crop in October , then putting straw mulch down and wait. The garlic clove needs some cool days to get the process of the root growth to start . In the spring make sure that the plants are coming up . Start hand weeding as soon as you see weeds. In June you should cut the scapes so the growth of the bulb is increased. Harvest in July I will let the garlic dry for 2-3 weeks before I cut off the leaves .

Planting Garlic in November

Planting garlic in November is not going to happen this year . You just never know what the month of November is going to be like. From 60 to 15 degrees in two weeks came with little warning. Still have test garlic to put in the ground. Now the big wait to see if everything we did was the right thing to do. Got 1-1/2 " rain 1 week after planting so should have got a good start for the roots to start growing. We will find out this spring .

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Hardneck Garlic planter making parts video