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I have been working on a hardneck garlic planter for it seems like years . I have redesigned many times as I go. It is for a 3 point hookup behind a tractor. Many of the parts were made on my 3D printer , it has three 15" in diameter eight planter cups 8" apart for the rows 6 " apart. It has a timed hole making slot cam assembly in the front of planting cups to make the holes that the clove will fall into. The holes needs to be the perfect hole which needs to but taper so the clove will stay upright. Going to have a drag behind the planter to cover up the clove. I tried the planter in October it did plant the cloves but I wasn't happy with the way it worked so redesigned the hole making


I have been working on a GARLIC BULB SIZING tool. I make them on a 3D printer. The tool will measure garlic bulbs 1-1/4 " to 2 "and 1-3/4 " to 2-1/2 " it has 4 size different holes . Each hole is 1/8 " over the size. It handy to put in your back pocket , hang for your neck, or hang on a nail so you don't loose it. ( LOL ) It can have your farm name and phone number on it if you want . It would be good advertising for your business . Email me if you are interested in your Business Garlic Sizing Tool . Ask about price.

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Hardneck Garlic planter making parts video