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Putting on the straw

To insure that your garlic makes thru the winter months you need to put 3-4 inches of straw on top of your cloves. It is a lot of work to do this but it is an important step in the process of garlic growing. Also it helps controlling the temperature of the ground in the summer,keeps the ground from drying out and keeps the weeds from taking over the crop. There is many ways to do the process. You can use a straw blower or by spreading by hand.

Persian Star | Oregon Blue Garlic 2019

In 2019 two new varieties will be added Persian Star and Oregon Blue Garlic. The Persian Star is a hardneck garlic and Oregon Blue Garlic is a softneck garlic . Persian Star is a perhaps the most beautiful of the standard group of Purple Stripes with its thick white bulb wrappers that are streaked with purple as you peel away the outer wrappers. When the wrappers are all peeled away the clove covers with their distinctive long sharp points resemble an eight point star, hence their name.They apparently originated in Uzbekistan, one of those central Asian Islamic republics that were once part of the USSR. They are a full flavored garlic with only a small bite to them and are more mellow than h

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Hardneck Garlic planter making parts video