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Garlic in March it is up !

So after 5 months things begin , the garlic is coming up and the work will start. I will start with walking the rows to uncover the plants that can not make it up thru the straw. Next I will till between the rows and get the soaker hose down to be ready for the dry spill. All summer long I will walk the rows and pull weeds. Till , water and pull weeds for the next 3-1/2 months. The harvest is usually the fun part but again a lot of work. 15 rows with 3 plants wide 75 foot long I should have enough garlic to get thru the fall into the winter. I'm going to make garlic powder this year so a new product will be coming out. With 6 different garlic varieties each powder will have a different taste. On to the next project the HARDNECK GARLIC PLANTER , things are moving forward good at this point. I will be doing some test runs this summer so I will be updating the progress at that time. DILLY DILLY .

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